Meet the Writers

Anna Bussler

Anna Bussler is a junior at Emory studying Anthropology and Human Biology with a minor in Spanish. She is interested in looking at health and medicine from an anthropological point of view to investigate cultural impacts on clinical treatment. Outside of academics, Anna love reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, doodling, and playing video games!

Nicole Felix-Tovar

Nicole Felix-Tovar is a junior at Emory College majoring in Anthropology & Human Biology with a double major in Human Health on the pre-medical track. She is interested in medical and cultural anthropology, and using ethnography to investigate matters pertaining to these disciplines. Nicole is Colombian-Ecuadorian and aims to focus her future anthropological research on these countries. In her free time, Nicole enjoys volunteering as an EMT with Emory EMS, and hanging out with her cat and her roommate

Emma Friese

Emma is in my second year at Emory University, pursuing degrees in Anthropology and International Studies on the Pre-Law track. After spending eight months abroad in Paraguay with the American Field Service, she am fluent in Spanish and studying Portuguese. Emma’s time abroad continues to inspire my chosen fields of study and my pursuit of a career in justice-based public policy, especially related to immigration reform, racial justice, and voter protection. She joined Anthropos to further explore my interests in cultural, linguistic, and political anthropology. Emma looks forward to growing as a writer, collaborating with my peers, and interacting with readers.

Natalie McGrath

Natalie McGrath is a junior from Brooklyn studying Anthropology and English/Creative Writing at Emory. Her interests center around issues of health and well being and how they may be expressed through creative forms such as poetry. Anthropological works and ethnography have provided the fuel and knowledge for many of her poems. Whether studying culture and human behavior, health, or religion, Natalie is inspired to explore a new voice or perspective using the poetic form. Not only is poetry an important tool for exploring the world outside of herself, but it serves as a medium in which to examine and question her own identity and experiences.

Christopher Zeuthen

Chris Zeuthen is a junior majoring in Anthropology and Human Biology. He is passionate about advocating for equitable healthcare access for veterans and those within rural communities. Outside of these passions, he is engaged in muscle stem cell research and an active Chicago Bears fan.