Letter from the Editor | Katherine E. Cooper

Dear Readers,

I would first like to say thank you. Our first edition of Anthropos was very well received by not only the Emory community, but the global community as well. Anthropos as been viewed in over 30 countries worldwide.

In this edition of Anthropos, we wanted to expand the traditional notion of anthropology and raise key point of conflict within the discipline. The paper by Diana Cagliero examines the impact of sexual segregation in relation to foreign prostitution and sex trafficking in Italy. Evan Kiely’s paper focuses on the evolution and the expansion of the hominin brain in the context of the expanding niche. Karishma Mehrotra presents the ultimate dilemma in the search for knowledge, the argument of subjective versus objective. In Kristin Mc Fadden’s paper, she explores the issues that occur when studying gender in terms on culture and societal structure. In the paper by Leigh Johnson, she provides an ethnographic study on the disparities of children of lower socioeconomic status as seen through her experience at the Washington Street Community Center. Our final paper by Mikaila Schmitt explores the significant constructs that shape diagnosis and health in Tibetan medicine. We hope that these papers will show the wide range of ideas presented by anthropology undergraduates at Emory University.

The feature articles written by our editorial staff continue this notion of expanding the meaning of anthropology through the examination of areas of conflicting ideas. Mariam Qazilbash ‘s editorial highlights the key problems of the American Healthcare system. In Danielle Marhanka’s piece she describes the struggles that Native American peoples face in the attempts to preserve cultural identity. The final feature includes the story of Farah A-Chammas, a Syrian refugee, through the inclusion of her personal essays and interview conducted by Mathew Whitwell.

While Anthropos is still a new publication, our goals are to make Anthropos a sustainable publication that will not only provide a place of undergraduate students the opportunity to publish papers, but to also forester discussion. We hope that you will continue to support Anthropos through your engagement with the presented academic works.


All the best,

Katherine E. Cooper

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